Friends and colleagues,

I’m thrilled to announce that my upcoming book Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention, is now available for pre-order at all major retailers! I’m also happy to officially reveal its cover and announce that it will release on March 3, 2015!


Attention has become the scarcest resource of the modern economy. That’s why understanding the science of attention is so important-and why I hope you will pick up and read Captivology. I wrote it for teachers who need to captivate their students; entrepreneurs who need to captivate users and investors; musicians who need to captivate fans and labels; charities that to capture the attention of donors; parents who want to get the attention of their kids.

Captivology combines my insights working as a journalist and VC with the knowledge and research of the smartest and most successful people on the planet. I interviewed over 50 of the world’s top researchers, scientists, authors, thought leaders and icons — Sheryl Sandberg, Dr. Michael Posner, Steven Soderberg, Shigeru Miyamoto, Dr. Adam Gazzaley, Susan Cain, Alexis Ohanian, and many more. My goal was to build upon their knowledge to create a book that could help everybody. You can learn more here.

HarperOne and I will be releasing previews of the book through social media channels and in the months to come. I’m also doing a lot more speaking and presenting leading up to the book’s launch. If you’re interested in a customized preview of the book, I would love to come speak aboutCaptivology and the psychology of attention at your company or conference. Just send me and my team an email at

Press: if you’re interested in talking about the book, email me and my amazing press team at And if you’re interested in being part of Captivology‘s first-of-its-kind book tour as a sponsor or partner, you can contact our events team at

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started writing Captivology. It’s been one of the most difficult and rewarding accomplishments of my life. I am thankful for all of the support I’ve received over the last two years from you — my friends and colleagues — and even from random strangers. If you can’t tell by now, Captivology isn’t just a book to me — it’s the culmination of my life’s work thus far. So thank you.

Don’t forget to pre-order! The links are below! And stay tuned to for more news and tidbits.

Thank you!
~ Ben

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